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West County Chamber: Working for You

I have made no secret that I am a member of the West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce. If you look on Facebook, you’ll see me photo-bombing good friends Lisa Ennis and Dave Wheeler at our recent new member expo. With regard to the Chamber, on recent Fridays, I have been reporting on all things Chamber. I am real pleased to report that my good friend and fearless leader Chamber CEO Claire Louder was appointed by County Executive-elect Steve Schuh to chair the transition committee for workforce development. The citizen committee is charged with making recommendations on how we can reform County government to better serve the public, and will submit its report no later than January 31st, 2014. Claire will also be serving as a member of the Military Affairs Subcommittee of the Economic Development Committee.

Why it matters: Workforce development issues – finding, hiring, training, and keeping good employees – are among the most frequently heard frustrations from our members. Ensuring that our county Workforce Development Corporation is doing everything it should to address these needs, and that our business community knows what resources are available to them, can help address these issues.

Recognizing and building on the economic role of Fort Meade in our community is critical to the success of every business in the Chamber’s area, whether or not you do business with Fort Meade directly. The new homes, increased employment on post, and burgeoning number of contractors in the area, not to mention millions of dollars of construction occurring on and off post as a result of Fort Meade’s growth, help drive business for everyone from the smallest service provider to the largest developer.

Next We’ll wade back into some advanced estate planning in this space next week. Clients come and go in that area and it’s time to talk about what all the documents are about. In the meantime, the holidays are coming. Shop Small Business on Saturday, November 29 (thank you American Express). Most importantly, stay warm!

Until then, good luck and good hunting.



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