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It's time to get back to work......

December 20 is measured by some as the longest night of the year. Four years and four months before that, I went through one of those life changing events with the death of my wife. After that, a year later, I lost my son when he slipped, fell, hit his head and died in a simple accident. It took me a long time to adjust to both of those events. But after much reflection and realization that as dramatic as those two events have been, I am not alone in suffering those losses. I also have realized there is more to d

So where am I. Like many, I went through office changes brought about not only the loss of my wife who was also my business partner, I had to adjust to the changes of life brought about by a world wide pandemic. I tried out different scenarios and have finally reached the ultimate solution. It was really hard to get my head around but really simple to execute. Just stand up, put my coat on, walk out the door, get in the car and go back to work.

As this blog post reflects, it is still a work in progress. I used to know how to put art in these things. But when I tried, all I did was blow it (this post) up. So there is more to learn.

I have had to draft a new team and sign some very good free agents. You can read about them on the website. The market place is very scary but as Mr. Alias said about the Baltimore Orioles, "We are at the point of liftoff." I just hope there isn't an explosion on the launch pad. So with a few more adjustments, we are bringing things together with this new team.

We have moved the firm to 23 West Street, Annapolis, MD. 21401. The name of the firm hasn't changed. It is still the Fisher Law Office, LLC. The phone number is still the same: 443-270-6305. The relevant email is still the same:

In many ways, this is back to the beginning. I talked with my landlords about going to work for them when I moved to Annapolis in 2004. Those opportunities were close to coming to fruition but they just didn't quite work out. But just like Sean Connery coming out of retirement to play James Bond one last time, you should "Never say Never."

Beginning in the new year, we are moving from the first floor to the third floor of the building to be the anchor tenant on that floor for the vast empire that one of my landlords is designing. We have worked with Beth Young, Founder & Creative Director at Reese Creative & Co., to get us up and running with a marketing effort.

And most importantly, we have been welcomed into the Inner West Street Business Community with open arms that has made it an absolute delight to come to work, to stay and work hard and enjoy being in downtown Annapolis for a beverage at a fun watering hole or a meal when one tires of cooking.

There are so many that I need to thank for moral support and encouragement of the last four years. The two that I have to recognize are my landlord, William Buck and Chris Buck . They have both, in their own way, assured me that there is water in the pool and all I have to do is jump in. As for the rest, there is not enough room and if I even tried, I would forget the many rather than the few. So just know that this rebirth is dedicated to all you and we are going to try to make you proud.

Happy New Year,


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