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In June I tried my hand at helping with a Habitat for Humanity project. One hundred twenty high school students built three houses in ten days–it was an amazing experience.

I promise I won’t make you look at my pictures–but you can click on the link above. My daughter has gone on this church trip for the past three years. This was her last as a high school student—she recently graduated– and she wanted me to go along.

How about you? Are you traveling this summer? If you are a Fisher Law Office estate planning client you will be taking along a DocuBank card in your wallet. Your DocuBank emergency card provides immediate access to your healthcare directives and emergency information.  The card will protect you at your local hospital or in a clinic abroad.  Anywhere there is an internet connection or a fax machine, DocuBank can deliver your information to the hospital and medical personnel who need it. It includes information such as your doctor, medications and in case of emergency contacts as well as copies of the documents we have prepared for you, your health care power of attorney, living will and HIPAA release.

If you do not have a DocuBank card yet, please contact us. We’ll be happy to make sure your directives are registered.  And if you have any changes to your directives once you’ve had a chance to take a look at them, please let us know.  We’ll do our best to make the changes you need in time for your travel plans.

If you have a college age child, as I now do, our office is now making available a new service at a discounted price for clients: it is called the I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) wallet card. Many of us don’t realize until it is too late that if your son or daughter has to be hospitalized, if they are over 18 you will have difficulty getting information about their condition. We can prepare a HIPAA release for your son or daughter, as well as a health care power of attorney.  The card also includes medical and emergency contact information. Here’s how it works: if your child becomes ill and is taken to the hospital, the card is located in their wallet, their information is accessed at DocuBAnk—(available 24/7) and you receive an immediate email or phone call

There is also a new card available for minors, to enable their health care information, permission to treat and contact information to be available also. Please contact our office for more information.

Best Wishes for a wonderful summer,

Randy Fisher

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