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Aging in America: Stuck in the middle

CBS’s Sunday Morning had a very thoughtful piece on Aging in America. The point of discussion was parents who run out of money before they die and the impact of the life change that this situation brings to the whole family.

I overheard the piece this morning and thought it worthy of further discussion. Tonight I am just putting the link here for those who missed it. We’ll discuss the impacts here further at a later date.

Given that it is Sunday and the rituals of football have finished playing out, I can’t help myself from commenting on the Washington Redskins. For those of you hiding off the grid and away from televisions, you don’t know that the team’s third string quarterback, Colt McCoy came off the bench in the second half and played well enough to engineer a team win. Mr. McCoy is a graduate of the University of Texas, as am I. His doing well created a nice warm spot in my heart as I like to see all of my fellow alums do well — even those who play for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But what I really loved about the day was the reaction of someone in the Washington media who immediately tweeted the following.

“Bench him immediately and trade him for two second round draft picks!”

It just reminded me of the old story of the journalists in the Ivory Tower who watched the battle rage down below and then rode down the hill to shoot the wounded!

Every one have a great week and, as always,

Good luck and good hunting!



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