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A Day of Rest and Reflection

The Fisher Law Office has been open eight years Tuesday. We actually opened the Tuesday after Labor Day eight years ago so we make Tuesday after Labor Day the start of the firm’s new year.

We have had a number of clients come since that day. As is the norm with the practice of law, we have had some of them go. Some have moved, some have died, some have closed their doors. We have learned from them. We hope that we have helped them along the way.

We are celebrating today and through the weekend. I wouldn’t have made anything out of it, but I saw my friends at the Arts and Cats Movement announce that they were taking the weekend. I thought, you know, if those two girls can do that, so can we. You can do that when you build your own business.

We hope you have the chance to rest and recharge through this Labor Day weekend. Let’s all hit it fresh and hard starting Tuesday.

Until then, as always, good luck and good hunting!


If you’re interested in discussing estate planning or business law, find out how to get in touch with us at: You can also contact us at, on Twitter @thefisherlawoffice, or at If you come here just because we sometimes incorporate kittens into the blog, you’d best consult the Arts and Cats Movement.

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