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Oh yes we did, sir!

I am riding across country after a business trip to the western part of the United States where I am developing a new line of business that we may discuss in the days ahead.

The airplane is full; laptops are churning for the three rows I can see in front of me and the one row behind. (Despite what my son and daughter think I have never really mastered the owl trick of a 360 turn of the head).

Small business people are working on all these rows because they know that if they don’t “get’r done” it won’t get done. All that will mean as that they won’t eat and neither will the people that they support or that support them will eat either.

I lecture to small business routinely about setiing goals and moving mountains to make sure you meet them. A CEO once taught me the hard way that customers have one rule: they demand good products and customer service. The moment they don’t get it they complain about price! (OK, maybe that’s three rules, but you get my point.)

We have chosen to speak on Tuesdays and Fridays, come Hell or high water. It is now 7:27 p.m. on Southwest Airlines. Speaking of new products, their new jets have wi-fi service available, allowing someone like my unknown companions and me to meet a last minute deadline so we can start next week fresh.

We’ll have more tales of small business do’s and don’ts next week. I’ll have further details about changes in asset protection laws being developed in Wyoming.

But understand this. I’m the one doing the work here. If I get it right, good for me. If I get it wrong, I’m the one that pays. The same goes for my unknown friends on this plane. And anyone who says that I didn’t build this one-car train just doesn’t understand what small business is all about.

See you next week. As always, good luck and good hunting. ———————– If you would like to talk to us about small business or wealth management, you can find us on the web at

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