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Spooked about politics? How worried should you be?

I had the opportunity recently to hear Dr. JoAnne Feeney, Portfolio Manager of Adviors Capital Management, speak about the state of the economy.

She started with a discussion of spending patterns that her firm was seeing in the immediate future. She worked the discussion through the different economic outlooks of Millenials, Gen-Xers, middle agers and old people. (Unfortunately, I knew where I fell in the grouping. There was no volunteering for another category.) The true positive from the talk was a discussion of the signs that money was moving.

She then took her thoughts on the state of investments in automobiles, computers, new homes and furniture. What made the discussion fascinating were the keys that the advisors like her consider when analyzing companies for potential investments.

Then, without really tipping her hand as to personal preferences, she walked through the impact of either political party winning the upcoming November election and the likelihood of the impact on the economy.

She published similar thoughts from her talk this morning and I pass them along through the link here for your benefit.

Let me know if you think she is right.

Until then, good luck and good hunting.



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