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Gift planning ideas

In this season of holiday giving, many people begin to think how they might “give back” because of help they received from others that are so well off or have passed away so that they can never return the favor to them directly. If someone thinking along those lines plans to gift shares of stock to charity, they must act by year end. If it fits that person’s plans, it is a good strategy because, By gifting appreciated stock, they  can qualify for a potential income tax deduction, or by selling stock that has lost value and donating the proceeds, they can realize a loss to offset other gains.

In working up a gifting plan, “Santa” needs to complete any gift transfers to individuals by year-end. Not only will this make “Santa” feel good, but “Santa” will help reduce the value of his estate and future estate taxes that the reindeer and the elves will have to pay. Now, I know that “Santa” may not be a U.S. citizen, but if he were, he could transfer up to $13,000 per recipient in 2009 without incurring any federal gift tax. Also, “Santa” and “Mrs. Santa,” again if they happened to be U.S. citizens, together may gift up to $26,000 per elf or good little boy and/or girl they wanted to send this gift.

Santa also might want to talk to a financial advisor or tax advisor about how gifting through a 529 Plan can help reduce income or estate taxes. By making an accelerated gift through a 529 Plan, Mr. Claus can gift up to $65k ($130k for Mr. and Mrs. Claus together) per elf/reindeer/beneficiary.

If you have further questions about gifting strategies, you may reach us through the contact data on our website at If you are looking for someplace to send your gift list, I would research

Good luck and best wishes for the season.

Randy Fisher

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