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Fore! (Well, actually, its 140 characters to say it, but it’s still important

A twitter follower, Keith Daw (@KeithDaw; but more about him later), asked me a recent question that froze me on how to respond enough that I missed my self-imposed Friday publishing deadline. Fortunately, Tiger Woods is far enough back in the PGA Championship in Kiowah Island, South Carolina, that I am able to avoid watching that to get this out. (You knew there had to be some reason for the golf reference in the title. Ian Poulter, while a great dresser, battling it out with Rory McIlroy is just not the sort of thing to keep me glued to the television.)

Keith’s query was this:

“I would like to learn more about the creative help you offer with #NewBusiness#attorney #lawyer.”

At first, I thought there was no way I could put that into 140 characters. Then I thought I could write to him in a series of repeat tweets. But I got rid of that idea because I though by the time he read the third one, he’d unfollow me as a spammer.

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought is was a great question. The Fisher Law Office advises people about their businesses and their individual wealth. In giving them that advice, we talk about startups, expansions, relocations and transitions. We talk about goals, objectives, strategies, marketing and protections of creative product for the company. We also help with financial considerations and protections for the individual and the family. For businesses, the usual first thing we talk about is message.

A friend from the West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, John Nicodemus (@CalltheMan; an extraordinarily gifted business coach) describes it this way:

“If you can’t describe to me in 30 seconds why I should do business with you, you should be doing something else.”

With Keith’s question and John’s coaching both ringing in my ear, I then went back to rethink the question of what it is that I do in the context of a twitter answer. The beauty of twitter is that it forces you to boil answers down to the essence. And the reality is that in this economy, whether it is a lawyer practicing business and estate planning, an author and trainer that specializes in public relations and marketing of serious professionals (Keith), someone owning retail, restaurant or .other commercial enterprise, or just an individual playing on the internet that wants others to follow their thoughts (my daughter and her friends at the Arts and Cats Movement), you have to have a honed message to break through the noise.


Keith Daw is an Associate and Trainer at McDonell Training & Development. He is also a writer. His works include the 3-Minute Networker. He can be reached on twitter @KeithDaw. John Nicodemus is a Principal at Advanced Career Transitions. He is a West Point graduate and also a writer. He has written a book on resume writing and job search techniques titled “So Do You Wan t a Job, Or What? Dirty Secrets of Resume Writing and Job Hunting”. He can be reached on twitter @CallTheMan.

If you’re interested in estate planning, business law, or individual wealth issues, find out how to reach us at our website:  You can also contact us at, on Twitter @thefisherlawoffice, or at  If you come here just because we sometimes incorporate kittens into the blog, get your fix at the Arts and Cats Movement. Tell Dorrie and Audrey I said hi when you’re there.

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