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Creating a 2013 Social Media plan without 2012 mistakes

I, like a lot of people, am spending this New Year’s Day reviewing my goals and expectations for the new year. Staring me in the face is a chamber of commerce speech I have to give this month on the basics of a social media plan.

Lawyers aren’t usually the experts in this area; I don’t pretend to be one, either. I do use social media to promote the Fisher Law Office and am not ashamed to admit it. Like many others, I got my start by reading the suggestions of some experts (specifically

Michael R. Hicks and Diedre Braverman) and then diving into the pool praying for deep water.

Luckily, I did find that I could swim and have success in keeping the lights on and doors open because of it.

But I can confess to having made mistakes that I would not do again if I had it to start over.

As part of my speech, I would like to know your mistakes, as well.

If you are willing to share this information, please either comment to this post or send me an email at I will share the top four and my biggest boo-boo after the speech.

Thank you for your help. Happy New Year!

And, as always, good luck and good hunting!


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The Fisher Law Office is renowned for its experience in estate planning, probate administration, asset protection, and business development. Annapolis attorney Randall D. Fisher has practiced for over 20 years, maintains the highest peer review rating for ethics (AV Preeminent) by Martindale-Hubbell, and is a sucker for long walks on the fairways.

Find out how to reach Randy via or find him at, on Twitter @thefisherlawoffice, or at

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