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Applelypse Now: The iPhone 5 Delay and the Need for Dedicated Product Release

What if Apple’s iPhone 5 release were delayed?

Would the mobs of desperate, Android-addled tech-junkies outside the Apple stores turn suburban strip malls into Paris circa 1792?

In retrospect, it was probably a bad day to release the iGuillotine app.

Bloodthirsty revolution? There’s an app for that.

Would Apple’s stock plummet and single-handedly precipitate the Great Recession, Episode II: Attack of the Phones? Would the governments of the world, in their shell-shocked ennui, remember to lock up their nuclear garages before going to bed? Most importantly: Would the Orioles’ starting pitching be able to focus and propel them through the flames of the irrelevant world and into the playoffs for first time since ‘97?

I guess we’ll find out.

The release of the iPhone 5, Apple’s latest contribution to the attention-deficient world of technoaddiction, appears delayed by a week for delivery customers who were unable to place a preorder before Apple’s considerable supply was dwarfed by the staggering demand.  If you’re one of those jonesing buyers who failed to order in time, either show up in person at a retailer next Friday, September  21st or start scratching a tally into your wall to count down your remaining days in the smartphone wilderness, from which you’ll be delivered a week later on the 28th.

Now, some claiming to be “reasonable” or “sane” may argue that this end-of-days scenario is unlikely to unfold. In response, I direct you to YouTube clips of WalMart turning into Lord of the Flies on Black Friday, and I remind you that I am a lawyer so my word is law (that’s how that works, right?). However, it is theoretically possible that the Applelypse has not come upon us just yet – after all, it’s three months early by the Mayan calendar.

And no, I suppose the world didn’t actually end the last time I predicted it – when GoDaddy tanked on us earlier this week, sabotaging our own release schedule for the blog. We survived but, in all seriousness, how long could we if that became a habit?

Our blog, like Apple’s iPhone 5 and the product of any other business, must consistently be made available to the public on the utterly arbitrary schedule to which we have committed: Tuesdays and Fridays. Why? Because when you offer a service, you simply cannot disappoint the people who depend upon it. (Okay, I doubt anybody depends on our blog, but the principle stands).

In the first place, as a person your parents raised you to keep the commitments you make, and in the second, as a business you simply cannot afford not to – not in a world with the attention span of a caffeinated chihuahua. Unless you stay regular, you will be forgotten amidst the apps and the Apple cores.

People need normalcy, consistency; and even something as insignificant as a business and estate planning law blog can become part of a routine that someone depends upon. And if my humble product can occupy that place in their day twice per week, I know yours can too.

As long as it shows up on time.

As always, good luck and good hunting.


If you’re interested in discussing business law, asset protection, or the Baltimore Orioles, find out how to get in touch with us at: You can also contact us at, on Twitter @thefisherlawoffice, or at If you come here just because we sometimes incorporate kittens into the blog, you’d best consult the Arts and Cats Movement. Click image(s) for source.

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