Business Law

Timely, cost-effective legal support, helping you avoid legal problems before they arise

The Fisher Law Office brings a business perspective to the practice of law. We work with every stage of business, from startup to succession, and every size of business from micro to large. We draft organizational documents, provide “acting general counsel” support, negotiate buy-sell agreements and purchase-sale agreements, and more.

Business Formation

If you are planning your business, the Fisher Law Office can assist you in choosing the right form for your new business. Selection of the right type of entity, whether it is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), an S Corp, or a C Corp, is critical. Just as critical to any start-up is the design and funding of an appropriate buy-sell plan between key business partners, as well as retention plans for key employees.

Business Development Planning

Successful businesses need legal help with day-to-day issues such as contracts and employment law. Some need development help to enable growth. Planning with corporate compliance in mind helps avoid legal sanctions and fines and also ensures your business is in position if you want to attract investors or potential buyers.

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning should not be deferred until you are ready to retire. Ideally, succession planning should be part of your business formation plans. The Fisher Law Office can help you, whatever stage of life you and your business are in, whether you are creating a new plan or updating an old one. Most partners do not plan to be in business with another partner’s spouse, but it happens all the time.

Do you have a strategy for passing control of your business?

If you become ill, who will manage your business?

Did you know there are strategies for passing on a business to family that can be advantageous to both you and your family?

Planning is essential. Improper planning or the failure to plan can prevent your business from passing to the loved ones you intend. The Fisher Law Office works with business owners to plan wealth management strategies, including business succession planning and wealth planning.

Business and Sale Transactions

If you are ready to sell your business or are buying a new venture, the Fisher Law Office can assist you with the transaction.

What Can We Do For You?

Controlling legal expenses is a prerequisite for growth in any business. And so is sound legal advice.

We are committed to helping you plan so you can protect your business, keep your legal costs under control so you can have the kind of growth you dream about. Contact us today to get started.